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About Jennifer

Jennifer Brown on Ruffin I grew up in the rural community of Westboro Massachusetts with numerous foster children who my Mother cared for. My love for horses began before I can remember. My Mother told me that when she would hang laundry outside I would crawl towards the neighbor's pasture and under the fence so the horses could nuzzle me. Recognizing that love, my mother signed me up for English riding lessons at the age of five and I continued taking lessons at the Grafton School of Horsemanship until I turned nine. Jennifer Brown, first ride

I enjoyed those days but wanted more and soon found a trail riding facility, Ridgevalley Stables, that recognized my riding ability. During the summers I rode with the stables on trail rides watching for riders who got in trouble for the next three years.

Jennifer Brown on Fleetwood Anne

At twelve I began taking riding lessons again at a training/boarding facility, Quick's Farm. There I met Michael LaConte the owner who introduced me to "Fleetwood Anne", an unbroken two year old quarter horse. This is where I feel that my training career began when he offered me the opportunity to ride Anne. I worked with her every day for the next year gentling her and developing a bond which led to showing her. Starting with Halter then 4H / Western Pleasure, hunter over fences and ultimately Dressage. Anne was my first horse I owned thanks to my Mother who saw the bond between us and purchased her for me. During this time at Quick's Farm I met several Cowboys, who to this day I still call my "Five Fathers", who mentored me and introduced me to calf roping / heading cattle and barrel racing.

At fifteen I met Charlene McDonald who I am still close with. She taught and trained at Landslide Quarter Horses while showing in the AQHA. She helped me perfect my horsemanship skills over the next three years. I also started a summer job to help pay for my horse addiction at Tufts Veterinarian College working in the large animal clinic. This was a great opportunity to really learn from a prestigious college on the proper care of horses and how to deal with injuries that occur. I was delighted to meet Rob Nicholson, a student at the university. He later began boarding his horses with me and became my full time Veterinarian.

At eighteen I began my first riding academy, "Tumble Brook Farm" by leasing an empty facility in town. There with my own place I was able to really share the knowledge I had learned from so many. During this time I also dedicated myself to learning Dressage, taking lessons for the next four years. I continued to build the Farm working with numerous horses and students until I was able to purchase my own ranch in central Massachusetts.

I opened "Rose Ranch" in my late twenties, naming the Ranch after my daughter's middle name. There I had an opportunity to meet new students and clients from central Massachusetts that boarded their horses at the ranch. I also was privileged to take lessons from an Olympic Reining Medalist for a year prior to leaving Massachusetts.

Now at thirty something, I have come to Tennessee to start a new facility with my husband Michael, and look forward to helping new friends with my program, "Conditioning Solutions for Horse and Rider". I also plan to continue competing on a national level at Mustang Makeovers, colt starting competitions and showing at ARHA shows.

~Jennifer Brown