Jennifer Brown with her class

Lessons are open to riders of any age.

Please print out this Release Form, sign and bring it with you when you arrive for your lesson. Form is a PDF, if you cannot see it, download the free reader here.

  • Private Individual $40.00 per lesson
  • Group $30.00 per rider

Professional riding instruction is not only for newcomers, it also challenges advanced riders. In fact, any good lesson provider continues taking lessons from others to continue perfecting their trade. Providing instruction to any age at any level is something Jennifer has been doing for over 20 years. There is an art in being able to communicate riding skills to each student and Jennifer has proven that she has that ability.

Students can enter either English or Western lesson courses. Lessons are an hour minimum in length and include all aspects of riding. Each student takes their horse through the initial grooming and tacking up to cooling down and after-the-ride care. Occasional trail rides bring variety to the usual class setting.

Each entry level student needs private lessons until basic skills and control are developed. Then an option is available to continue in private instruction or to join a group of usually not more than four riders. Lessons are open to riders of any age.

Whether your goal is to achieve basic riding competence on the trails or to become proficient in the show ring or even speed events Jennifer is qualified to structure a program for you.


So how old does my child have to be? Really it depends on your child's attention span and desire to learn. Many children take to horseback riding from an early age as did Jennifer. We have met people who didn't start until their fifties.

What kind of horses will you ride? We have horses for different levels of riding and for learning different techniques. Be assured we will never put you on a horse beyond your capabilities. In your first lesson we start you in a western saddle as they provide the best support for you.

What will happen during a lesson? Lessons are individual in our 60 foot Round Pen and our 120X120 Outdoor Arena. We will start with one of our well trained lesson horses on a lunge line that will be safe for you and can be controlled remotely with a system of verbal commands.

What will I learn during a lesson? We touch on a lot of things in our beginning lessons to get a broad knowledge of riding and horses, such as grooming, saddling, general horse care, horse terms, and safety when working with horses. Then as the lessons progress, we will refine each one of the concepts and lessons with more detail and practice.

What should I wear?For your own safety and maximum enjoyment of your lesson, please wear smooth soled boots, riding pants ( jeans, riding slacks, or jodphurs), a sleeved shirt, no shorts, and minimal jewelry. Please consider not wearing perfume/scented lotions, this is a working stable and smells may attract bugs.

Try the first lesson and by the end of the lesson we will know if this is good for you or your children.

Links for online tack shops for riding equipment

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Chicks Saddlery, excellent selection and great sales

Shepler's Western Wear, tons of boots and western shirts!

Horse LoverZ, amazing sales

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